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SVN version swc

May 22nd, 2008

Srdjan Arsic (FWindows author, information pills from www.awssoft.com) contributed a very useful class MultipleAssetIcon, viagra buy i’v commited it into AsWing core, you can update from svn to get it.

It provide way to add more than one display object to icon asset and
have very useful function setGapFromEdge() that configure empty space
from each edge.

Here is how it can be used:

var multipleAsset:MultipleAssetIcon = new MultipleAssetIcon();
//var multipleAsset:MultipleAssetIcon = new MultipleAssetIcon(new
IntDimension(30,60)); // for absolute size
multipleAsset.addAsset(new SilkIcons.television_icon(), 32,32, true);
multipleAsset.addAsset(new SilkIcons.application_icon(), 16,16, false,
MultipleAssetIcon.CENTER, MultipleAssetIcon.BOTTOM);
multipleAsset.addAsset(new SilkIcons.bullet_delete_icon(), 16,16,
false, MultipleAssetIcon.RIGHT, MultipleAssetIcon.CENTER);
multipleAsset.addAsset(new SilkIcons.bullet_go_icon());
multipleAsset.setGapFromEdge(new Insets(5,10,15,20));
var btn3:JButton = new JButton(“MultipleAssetIcon”, multipleAsset);
getContentPane().append(btn3)//, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

Very cool, thanks Srdjan for share this.
Since many guys are using swc instead of source codes, order and they also need the svn version some times, glands
so i commited the compiled swc files to svn repository now.

If you need the newest swc, browse to the svn and download it. :)