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new LookAndFeel – PPZhaoLAF

September 25th, 2008

zppsky has contributed PPZhaoLAF yesterday, search view it is a very beautiful Skin based on SkinBuilderLAF.

Some screenshot here:

You can download it from here now(Included source and swc files):

Thanks zppsky very much for sharing his product.

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This6 new skin

March 31st, 2008

After monthes hard works, released their new version of the flash virtual world.

With this new version, their UI has a major change, the designed a new skin for AsWing components based on GuiBuilderLAF fla_template.

Here’s some screenshot:
this6 new
(Click for large pic, A scene DIYed by a user and right is a user’s profile panel)

this6 diy scene
(Click for large pic, Home editor)

Well, you can see all the UI elements are much better than their old version. This should be one of the greatest AsWing usage i’v ever seen.

Good luck this6!!