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GuiBuilder 1.4.2 with haXe code generator released

July 23rd, 2008

We are happy to announce AsWing GuiBuilder 1.4.2 release, allergy with the haXe code generator contributed by Johan Coppens, now GuiBuilder may be more useful for haXe coders. (see also Using AsWing/as3 with Haxe)

Thanks Johan Coppens for the generator implementation to make us a chance to release this version.


code generator

You can download it here now: http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list
The newest source code is in svn.

AsWing 1.4 relased!

June 13th, 2008

Well, gynecologist AsWing AS3 version is now 1.4, it’s very stable now that since there are commercial products running months based on it.

The only big additions of this version are MultipleAssetIcon and GridList. The GridList component maybe useful for some guys, see it’s example. MultipleAssetIcon is contributed by Srdjan, also GridList is his introduction, Thanks him very much.

The preferred size cache bug fixing is very helpful for some strange layout issues.

The SkinBuilderLAF ComponentUI implementation improvement is very helpful for same kind components has different skins.

GuiBuilder 1.4 has just one addition: The GridList support.

Download AsWing 1.4 all-in-one(Include GuiBuilder 1.4) now.


here’s the details change log:
___________________________AsWing A3 1.4_________________________

1. Added ability to only set preferred width or height, another will be auto count by layout or UI.
If you call setPreferredWidth() to set a number(!=-1) the width will be locked.
setPreferredWith(-1) to make it return to be auto counted.
Same to maximim and miminum sizes.

2. Make JTextArea avoid scroll change when make focus
3. Improved JPopupMenu popup location

4. Added DefaultsDecorator to make ComponentUI default change behavor correcter
var ui:ComponentUI = aCom.getUI();
ui.putDefault(xxx, xxx);
ui.putDefault(xxx, xxx);

Will runs more better about some skin assets defaults properties changing there.

5. Added MultipleAssetIcon by Srdjan
6. Added GridList


fixed drag jframe buggy issue after changed LAF
fixed AWSprite bringToTop/Bottom bug when useBitmapCache
fixed a JList key navigation bug
fixed a preferred size cache bug that a non-valid component invalidate will not get cache fresh

AsWing AIR 1.0 Released

March 2nd, 2008

AsWing AIR 主要专注于AsWing的AIR应用界面支持,目前提供了JNativeFrame, overweight
JNativeWindow, cialis 40mg
JHTMLLoader三个类,此项目由eric hu(suonety[AT]gmail.com)主持开发。


aswing air test


AsWing 1.3 Released

February 29th, 2008

We are happy to announce AsWing 1.3.

The major change is : Multi-Stage AIR support, food now you can create AIP application with multi-NativeWindow in AsWing; JClosableTabbedPane component added, medicine it’s JTabbedPane with close button for each tab; JFrameTitleBar extracted from JFrame, physician now you can contorl the TitleBar of a JFrame easily; Tener LAF added.

BTW: Same time we’v setup a forum for AsWing discuss bbs.aswing.org

This is the change details:
___________________AsWing A3 1.3________________

added CaveBorder
added wrapSimpleButton method to button classes
added appendAll and getSelectedButton method to ButtonGroup
added setSelectable/isSelectable method to JLabel
added EmptyIcon class
added some useful methods to ButtonGroup
added default cells render value+”” instead of value.toString, solved value null issue
added JClosableTabbedPane
added PropertyTableModel
added ensureRectVisible method to JViewport
added setTextFilters function to JLabel and buttons
added invalidatePreferSizeCaches function to Component
———-AIR multi-stage(use multi NativeWindow) support————-
Added WeakMap, WeakReference tool to avoid memory leak
CursorManager, FocusManager from static/sington to normal instance obj per stage.
KeyboardManager from sington to normal instance per JRootPane.


fixed The button text is under icon then can’t see bug
fixed TabbedPaneUIs bugs
fixed TabbedPane Tab and Accordion Header text font and color can’t change bug.
fixed JTextComponent some times with less width when column is set 0

———migrate from 1.2 to 1.3:———-

AsWing Core:

Change CursorManager static method call to CursorManager.getManager().methodCall
Change FocusManager.getDefaultManager to FocusManager.getManager(stage)
For KeyboardManager, now you need to create your KeyboardManager instance or get instances from JRootPane.getKeyboardManager()

LookAndFeels based on SkinBuilderLAF:

“Frame.titleBarLayout”, SkinFrameTitleBarLayout,

“Frame.titleBarBG”, SkinFrameTitleBarBG,
“Frame.titleBarButtonGap”, 2,


Tener LAF,

Tener art works is designed by MohsinNaqi http://mohsinnaqi.deviantart.com/.
Code works is done by Harry http://harryxu.cn/blog/.

Here’s a screenshot of GuiBuilder with Tener LAF:

tenner laf(Click for large pic)

All these are downloadable at http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list now.


AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0.1 released

January 16th, 2008

Well, medicine these days, syringe a cool man Evgenios Skitsanos wrote Video player AsWing component, search he’d like to share, then i thought we should have a place for us to share our various AsWing extensions, such as Video players, mp3 players, RichTextEditors, or you made a TreeTable? or JListTree? or any other useful component/utils, share them here if you want, it will be very helpful for each one here.

The AsWing Kit svn address is http://svn.aswing.org/aswingkit
The AsWingKit project is at path /trunk/AsWingKit

If you want to share(i mean commit) files you need an account, you can drop me a mail for a unique account or just use the public account “id:somecoolguy password:coolguys”

Share your creatings!!

As many guys asked for GuiBuilder for AIR beta3 runtime version, pharm
i fixed one today, salve
and with some little bugs fixed.

Here to download it: http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list


AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0 Released!

November 13th, 2007

Finally, anesthetist we got 1.0 ready.

aswing guibuilder

From beta2, drugstore the changes are:

1. Very fast performance than beta version
2. LookAndFeel runtime switching.
3. Workspace path set at first run.
4. Save notice when exit/close.
5. Generate selected node of the UI to ActionScript3 class code.(This is very useful when you want to build serveral UI in one window)
6. Many bugs fixed.

Now, GuiBuilder is widely used for our company works, it is important for us to build UIs, we can’t imagine if we don’t have this tool when build some complex UI now. :}

Download it from here.

AsWing 1.2 released[renew]!

November 11th, 2007

Glad to release this version, esophagitis this is not new big features added in this version, but also some useful component such as org.aswing.ext.Folder and some serious bug fix(ResizeController memory leak).

You can download it from here now. (Sorry there’s a mistake in the downloads, cause a little bug of TabbedPane, i’v uploaded the fixed package now, please redownload it if you’d download it before 2007 November 13 AM 10:12)

Here’s the detailed change log:

added rowHeight ui default for JTree
added defaultMaxChars class properties for JTextField and JTextArea
added FlowWrapLayout
added a ui defaults property ScrollBar.barWidth to make JScrollBar size configurable.
added some help method for GuiBuilder.
added org.aswing.ext.Folder
added updateAllComponentUIInMemory function to AsWingUtils
added getSelectionRow method to JTree
added indeterminateDelay property to JProgressBar


fixed JTextComponent setForeground bug
fixed JTextComponent setFont null-ponter bug
fixed JColorSwatcher black color bug
fixed KeyboardManager bug for uppercase char input
fixed isProgrammic bug for List selection events.
fixed fixed splite pane null and divider removed by removeAll bug
fixed fonts of JLabel, Buttons, Menus lost update when changed UI
fixed jframe setClose setResiable buttons not updated bug
fixed jframe will out of stage if iconified at left most
fixed important bug-memory leak of JFrame and ResizerController
fixed combobox Act event always fired twice a time bug
fixed JList setSelectedInterval(-1) to clear selection bug

The final 1.0 version GuiBuilder will be release in next two days after our new Skin Orange LookAndFeel is done.
Here’s a screenshot of the design of Orange LookAndFeel(art works designed by Raku):
Orange LookAndFeel

It is a full version for all component skin, coming soon.