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GuiBuilder 1.4.2 with haXe code generator released

July 23rd, 2008

We are happy to announce AsWing GuiBuilder 1.4.2 release, with the haXe code generator contributed by Johan Coppens, now GuiBuilder may be more useful for haXe coders. (see also Using AsWing/as3 with Haxe)

Thanks Johan Coppens for the generator implementation to make us a chance to release this version.


code generator

You can download it here now:
The newest source code is in svn.

AsWing GuiBuilder 1.3.2 released

March 16th, 2008

We’v announced GuiBuilder 1.3 at last post, days later we finally got it stable. Now we make it to 1.3.2 and release it.

You can download it here right now.

At same time, we packaged newest version of AsWing to 1.3.2, no big api changes, just fixed some important bugs. From 1.3.2 we will simply call AsWing means AsWing AS3 version, AS2 version should call with AS2 or A2 advance america cashadvance cash company scams,cash advance company,advance cash company onlinefirst cash advance,first time cash advance,first southern cash advancecash till payday loanadvance cash on line,budget line cash advance,advance cash line loaninheritance cash advanceadvance advance america cash center inc,advance america cash advance,advance advance america cash centerpay day cash advance payday loan,pay day loan cash advancepayday cash loanadvance cash cashing check richmond,richmond,advance cash cashing check las vegas vegas,las,check cash advancecash advance new yorkadvance cash check credit no,advance cash check credit no online,cash advance no credit checkadvance cash overnightcash in advance loan,cash advance loan with savings account,cash advance houston loancash fast loan paydayloan oneclickcash paydaycash advance payday loan softwareadvance cash loan online paydayaccount advance cash fax no saving,no fax cash advance,advance cash fax loan no payday quickadvance cash loan online,advance cash fast loan online payday,cash advance loan onlinesame day cash advance loan,same day cash advancecash international loan payday serviceslawsuit cash advance,lawsuit settlement cash advance,advance cash lawsuit loancash advance servicefast cash payday loan,payday us fast cash loancash in advancebad credit cash advance,no fax cash advance for bad credit,advance bad cash credit servicesscams on cash advance company,advance cash companyquick cash payday loanfast cash advance payday loanovernight cash advance,advance cash overnight,advance cash loan overnightadvance cash loan payday today,advance cash loan payday,advance cash cash loan loan payday quickallied cash advancemagnum cash advance,advance cash faxing magnumno faxing cash advance,advance cash faxing no payday,advance cash faxing money no nowaccount advance bank cash instant without,instant cash advance,advance approval cash instant secureadvance cash loan payday softwarecash advance detroitadvance cash loan payday quickcash advance,payday cash advance,no faxing cash advancecash advance loanadvance card cash creditcash loan payday tilcash until payday loanpayday cash advance,advance america cash payday,cash advance till paydayadvance cash fast loan paydaynational cash advancecash advance for small business,how to start a cash advance business,business cash advancecash advance nowcash advance credit card,instant online guaranteed cash advance credit card,0 advance card cash credit keywords.

The change log:

added ASFontAdvProperties to support embedFonts, antiAlias, gridType etc properties.


fixed JAdjuster Action event not fired when lost focus with changes
fixed JTree edit stopped event fired too early bug
fixed TableCellEditEvent and TreeCellEditEvent methods return type bug
fixed JPopup default owner bug

Download it here right now.


AsWing GuiBuilder 1.3.0 preview

March 12th, 2008

Finally, today i found some time to implement the mouse drag scale/move/select functionity of GuiBuilder, the idea has been in my brain for monthes. Fianlly, it’s almost done now. And with some property editor and list sorting improved by Oliver Salzburg, this version is more better now.

See screenshot below:
guibuilder 1.3.0

You can see there’s a edit rectange cover the selected button.

If a component’s container layout is EmptyLayout(It’s not the default for JPanel, so you have to set it manually by click the “Layout” button in the right properties panel), then you can use mouse to drag the blue rect to move/scale it.

If it’s not EmptyLayout, you can also select componets by mouse click(It’s more convenient than click the item in the left tree), if you try to scale or move it, no effect will occur because it’s LayoutManager controlled the location and size of them.

There’s new check box named “Preview” on toolbar now, it means:

If it is selected, it means in preview, the components builded are interactable, for example a button is clickable, a scrollbar is scrollable.
If it is not selected, it means in edit, the click action on component will cause selection change.
The scale/move effect are both valid in this too situation(Of course if the use EmptyLayout).

All source code are on svn now, and there’s a online version check
AIR version will coming soon when it is stable.

It’s new, so maybe there’s bugs, although i fixed some i found, but if you got one, or any feedback, please post to our forum :


AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0.1 released

January 16th, 2008

As many guys asked for GuiBuilder for AIR beta3 runtime version, cure i fixed one today, purchase and with some little bugs fixed.

Here to download it:


AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0 Released!

November 13th, 2007

Finally, we got 1.0 ready.

aswing guibuilder

From beta2, the changes are:

1. Very fast performance than beta version
2. LookAndFeel runtime switching.
3. Workspace path set at first run.
4. Save notice when exit/close.
5. Generate selected node of the UI to ActionScript3 class code.(This is very useful when you want to build serveral UI in one window)
6. Many bugs fixed.

Now, GuiBuilder is widely used for our company works, it is important for us to build UIs, we can’t imagine if we don’t have this tool when build some complex UI now. :}

Download it from here.