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new ext container GridList on svn

May 29th, 2008

Days ago Srdjan discussed with me about a wrap list container perfromance like window file explorer, fortunately i’v already write one for this6, but it is a poor component, with less functionities support. Soon later, another cool guy Johan mailed me to requested same component, i thought i should put this component into AsWing core now.

So, with improvement, the GridList now support multiple selection, with trackWidth/trackHeight functionity. See demo below(Try to select track width/track height check box and scale the frame to see how it performances):

It’s usage is similar to JList, you can define your own cell renderer for it, it use ListModel to provide data. But well still some functionities are missing, such as key board cell navigation/selection, share cell strategy etc. But however, it is usable for a windows file explorer style container now.

You can download its source/swc from svn now.