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Flipping book announced

February 4th, 2010

All about AsWing showcase, visit web demos, tests.
If you have a product based/used AsWing and want to list it here, modify this page directly or comment this page to contact us.

Well you can browse this category to see all the posted showcases.

Here are some successful big products:


PixExplorer offer simple tool to explore SWF or SWC file content.
Exploring file content is really useful when working on big project with many compilations exclusions.
Filter text input allows to quickly search class or interface reference.

Area: France.
Developer: Romain Ecarnot.
Time: 2009.12

PixFont Editor

PixFont Editor offer simple tool to allow Shared Font Library management.

Area: France.
Developer: Romain Ecarnot.
Time: 2009.12

Flash MiniBuilder: Online AS3 IDE
This project, currently named ActionScript MiniBuilder, features code assist (code completion) for ActionScript 3 and compilation of one-file AS3 SWF. It runs in your browser, you only need Flash Player 10 and Java. The code assist part is written in pure ActionScript. The compiler runs in a Java applet.

Area: Rumania.
Developer: Victor Dramba.
Time: 2009.7

Droower is a web application for Flash web site editing, web site creation, vector graphic editing, printing, and much more …

Area: Republic of Serbia.
Developer: Srdjan Arsic — AWSSOFT.
Time: 2009.6

There is a online application for card diy, you can draw graphics, insert pictures, choose backgrounds, insert texts etc to make a e-card and then print or send to your friends.

They are the first use of AsWing 2.0.
Area: China.
Developer: POSTPRINT.
Time: 2009.5

very chat 1
There is a video chat application, you can setup rooms to make a video meeting, chat with friends, multi-multi chat or one-one chat, video or text, even, you can play some games there.

They’v designed and made a skin for their UI based on SkinBuilderLAF, beautiful done.
Area: China.
Developer: 单恋一块铁.
Time: 2008.6

TW Stock techno-analyzer
TW stock app
With complex curves, i don’t know about stock, but this application seems very smooth with such complex curves. It uses some basic AsWing controls, buttons, combobox, list etc.
Area: Taiwan.
Developer: Sam Wang.
Time: 2008.1

this6 world
A real time virtual life community(Chinese). Most UI is based on AsWing A3.
Country: China.
Developer: This6.com Inc.
Time: 2007.7

FWindows is an multi user, multi language, multi application, operation system independent web based software. It will be a great system when it’s api published, once it does, i think there will be many application developed on it. It’s UI is build with AsWing A3 and has runtime LookAndFeel switch function.
Country: Republic of Serbia.
Developer: Srdjan Arsic — AWSSOFT.
Time: 2007

ReviewBasics is a powerful feedback gathering platform which allows professionals across many industries to exchange ideas, gather thoughts, and review various types
of creative, interactive, motion, and written content. The best RIA application i ever see. Based on AsWing Framework with a custem L&F.
Country: US.
Developer: SharpStyle Labs, Inc.
Time: 2007

XLands iHome
A real time cartoon community(Chinese). Most UI is based on AsWing(old version is based on A2, now based on A3).
Country: China.
Developer: Xlands.com Inc.
Time: 2005(as2), 2007(as3)

A beautiful and usable RIA. Its user interface is more amazing than other normal flash applications based on AsWing. It’s a good sample of combined AsWing components and self MC based components.
Country: Portugal.
Developer: webfuel.pt / João Saleiro & Diogo Henriques.
Current state: In development (25%), use id: visitor_aswing ps: test to test login.
Time: 2006

AWSSoft Button/Menu Editor
Wow~, you see a Flash IDE made by flash? it’s a Button and Menu editor, full advanced features, complex UI layouts, fast UI responses. Yes, powered by AsWing.
Country: Republic of Serbia.
Developer: Srdjan Arsic — AWSSOFT
Time: 2006

Here’s AsWing Component Set demo(not include all component yet, for example Color Choosers, Form …):
(Click the image to open runnable swf)


comset comeny skin

orange look and feel

tener look and feel
AWSSOFT announced their Flipping Book application.
Flipping book application offer a set of powerful features such as:

  • Full control over a RSS feed.
  • PDF file import – create Flipping book from PDF file.
  • Integration into any website, unhealthy
    including Flash and most popular CMS like Joomla, WordPress, etc.
  • Add or edit existing flipping book in a real time, using one click Publish button.
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful configuration options

As all other AWSSOFT products, this application is built using AsWing 2.0 to.