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AsWing Kit share your components

January 4th, 2008

Well, medicine these days, syringe a cool man Evgenios Skitsanos wrote Video player AsWing component, search he’d like to share, then i thought we should have a place for us to share our various AsWing extensions, such as Video players, mp3 players, RichTextEditors, or you made a TreeTable? or JListTree? or any other useful component/utils, share them here if you want, it will be very helpful for each one here.

The AsWing Kit svn address is
The AsWingKit project is at path /trunk/AsWingKit

If you want to share(i mean commit) files you need an account, you can drop me a mail for a unique account or just use the public account “id:somecoolguy password:coolguys”

Share your creatings!!