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Archive for December, 2008

AsWing 1.5 released!

December 21st, 2008

Well, noun this is not a big version, with no big new features. The changelog:

fixed DefaultComboBoxEditor a action event fire bug when list selection changed.

fixed CellPane invalidateTree bug(it make JList/JTree/JTable continually validating can’t stop)

fixed JTabbedPane and JClosableTabbedPane tab scroll bug

fixed a mask bounds bug of component when small than min size

fixed a JPopupMenu bug when shown size is same to last show but children is not same

made JLoadPane loaded asset always at bottom depth

added function translator and editable support to PropertyTableModel
added setMnemonicEnabled/isMnemonicEnabled methods to AbstractButton

improved resizer, more accurate in directly mode
renamed org.aswing.util.Vector to org.aswing.util.ArrayList

some other minor fixes/improvements

Download it from here : http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list

So, now im focusing on the 2.0 plan, first for the new big improve for the default LookAndFeel.

AsWing 1.5 is coming, and future 2.0 plan

December 17th, 2008

As days before i posted about AsWing Flash Player 10 compatibility, approved
i saw that the new FP class Vector is not top class yet in Flex SDK 4, but today, fudo posted a issue at aswing forum, i notice that in Flash CS4, it is already a top class.

So i did the renaming, the new name is org.aswing.util.ArrayList, please update from svn if you want to get this change. If you just want swc file, you can download it here http://svn.aswing.org/aswing/trunk/AsWing/swc/AsWing.swc.
for 2.0 we planned these:

1. Better look for default LookAndFeel, women’s health
better configurability for single component style.

2. Add DateChooser component.

3. Add NumericStepper component, yes, sometimes NumericStepper is better than JAdjuster.

4. A powerful text component based on the new text engine for flash player 10.

5. JAdvancedTable component.

Version 1.5 is a bugfix version from 1.4, with no new big feature. We will release it days later and then focus on 2.0 plans.