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Archive for November, 2007

Orange LookAndFeel Added

November 13th, 2007

After days hard work at night with Raku, sovaldi sale we finally got this skin finished, approved it’s a nice artworks designed by Raku, i integrated the artworks into a LookAndFeel, by inherite from SkinBuilderLAF, it is a not hard works. This LAF is well detail tweaked, so it should be more complete than other SkinBuilder LAFs, thanks Raku very much corrected many mistake integration while i’m coding, we got the LAFs runs almost as same as she designed.

The screenshot? See below post about the GuiBuilder, that screenshot is GuiBuilder with OrangeLAF.

See the online demo.
Download Orange right now.

AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0 Released!

November 13th, 2007

Finally, anesthetist we got 1.0 ready.

aswing guibuilder

From beta2, drugstore the changes are:

1. Very fast performance than beta version
2. LookAndFeel runtime switching.
3. Workspace path set at first run.
4. Save notice when exit/close.
5. Generate selected node of the UI to ActionScript3 class code.(This is very useful when you want to build serveral UI in one window)
6. Many bugs fixed.

Now, GuiBuilder is widely used for our company works, it is important for us to build UIs, we can’t imagine if we don’t have this tool when build some complex UI now. :}

Download it from here.

AsWing 1.2 released[renew]!

November 11th, 2007

Glad to release this version, esophagitis this is not new big features added in this version, but also some useful component such as org.aswing.ext.Folder and some serious bug fix(ResizeController memory leak).

You can download it from here now. (Sorry there’s a mistake in the downloads, cause a little bug of TabbedPane, i’v uploaded the fixed package now, please redownload it if you’d download it before 2007 November 13 AM 10:12)

Here’s the detailed change log:

added rowHeight ui default for JTree
added defaultMaxChars class properties for JTextField and JTextArea
added FlowWrapLayout
added a ui defaults property ScrollBar.barWidth to make JScrollBar size configurable.
added some help method for GuiBuilder.
added org.aswing.ext.Folder
added updateAllComponentUIInMemory function to AsWingUtils
added getSelectionRow method to JTree
added indeterminateDelay property to JProgressBar


fixed JTextComponent setForeground bug
fixed JTextComponent setFont null-ponter bug
fixed JColorSwatcher black color bug
fixed KeyboardManager bug for uppercase char input
fixed isProgrammic bug for List selection events.
fixed fixed splite pane null and divider removed by removeAll bug
fixed fonts of JLabel, Buttons, Menus lost update when changed UI
fixed jframe setClose setResiable buttons not updated bug
fixed jframe will out of stage if iconified at left most
fixed important bug-memory leak of JFrame and ResizerController
fixed combobox Act event always fired twice a time bug
fixed JList setSelectedInterval(-1) to clear selection bug

The final 1.0 version GuiBuilder will be release in next two days after our new Skin Orange LookAndFeel is done.
Here’s a screenshot of the design of Orange LookAndFeel(art works designed by Raku):
Orange LookAndFeel

It is a full version for all component skin, coming soon.