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Archive for October, 2007

Big bug-memory leak, fixed, please update!!!

October 19th, 2007

These days, click we found there’s a memory leak issue at JFrame class, ed after deep search and test, we found that it use ResizerController to create resizer controllers but not remove them, and ResizerController store them in a static HashMap, so the JFrames will never be removed from memory, the GC can’t collect it.

Now, we changed the ResizerController and JFrame, ResizerController will not store things in a HashMap now, all the controllers will not be managed, you need to manage it yoursef. So, it will not has memory leak issues unless you do it.

Please update the newest version from svn(Both A3 and A2 are fixed on svn now) to ensure your application runs well, sorry about this big bug.

GuiBuilder RC2

October 14th, 2007

Just found that there’s a stupid bug at RC1, pills it make the generated as file can’t be compiled. Then i fixed that bug released RC2, more about also some other thing improved, for example the App layout is improved, the default propeties of some component is improved. Also some other little details you can find it when you use. Cheers~~
Click here to download it.
Click here to take only trial.

AsWing GuiBuilder RC1

October 10th, 2007

Well, sickness GuiBuilder beta is developed in a rush, so the architecture is not good, and the performance is bad too. When start preparing to final 1.0, i take 3 days night to do hard refactoring, redesigning parttens(Almost 30% classes new added, 80% classes changed), now it get much better. Also the editor is well organized and layouted.

Here’s a screenshot:

AG rc1

(Really bad to develop a not little project in a rush, the beta version created all editor instances for each component, it means, if you build a UI with 20 component, not a complex UI, it need about 20*20=400 editors, average a editor will create 10 components, it says more than 4000 component will be created to edite a normal UI, terrible, how i can do this? So beta version is really slow. Now, RC1 version, all of these are improved, the all components to be edited will share editors, so, even much complex UI, you’ll get fast performance too)

Click here to download it.
Click here to take only trial.

AsWing GuiBuilder 1.0 beta3 and online trial

October 7th, 2007

For run with AIR beta2, info i released the current working version for some guys already installed AIR beta2 runtime(It will not support beta1 application now, hair so if you’v installed AIR beta2, sickness the old GuiBuilder air will not work).

Download it here : http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list

Beta3 will run well with AIR beta2 runtime, and LooAndFeels selection is added, you can choose a LookAndFeel and then working on your UI, make the UI more precise. Next i’ll working on Custom component support.

BTW, for fast trying AsWing GuiBuilder, i work out a online version, you can play with it here : http://www.aswing.org/guibuilder, it is just a online trial version, so i’v not add save/open functions, but code generation is there.

Enjoy. Well, we need your helps, join us to make AsWing better, or support us with some bucks.