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AsWing A3 makes Flex compiler crashs — Solved!!

May 29th, 2007

The answer is YES.

Here is a cool guy VKT did a reseach about make AsWing components works with Flex components. Here’s some demo made from him.

Lunch the Demo
The Source

Other demos:

Here is the introduction word from him:

The way show you to use aswing within the flex effect.

1. you mush know the UIComponent,because this is very important to use flex effect first step.
2.to use flex effect , neurologist you mush set the effect target is flex UIComponent instead aswing Component.
3, surgery to my opptional,I Like use Canvas to the top container to contain the UIComponent which is the aswing’s container.

what would be the next?
yes,I like talk to you just like talk to myself,I want to use flex’s everything for aswing. althought this seem to be impossible by someguy.

Well, pretty cool, note, if you want to try this, you should have the newest AsWing A3 from svn(AsWingManager.initAsStandard(,,true)). Any question, you can contact VKT by sonygodx at gmail.com. (post to aswing list of course are welcome too)

Well, i want to say some thing, why this happens? AsWing is so flexible, at early time, there’s some buggy behavor with AsWing components works with Flex components, i improved RepaintManager very easy to make it works right.

Maybe AsWing is not heavy as Flex, does not have integrated MXML support, does not have more complex controls, but, you know, you are so easy to make AsWing component works in your application, your game, you are so easy to add any DisplayObject to any AsWing component, now, you even can add AsWing components works in a Flex container.

Here is my wonder, do we can add flex component works in AsWing contaners? do we can add any DisplayObject to flex component easily? do we can use flex component in pure AS3 way?

Before, herpes
if you turned on warning flag of the compiler, then compiler will be crashed when compiling AsWing A3, see the details here : http://www.aswing.org/?p=40

Now, it is solved, the compiler will not be crashed any more, well, how can we do that? Takayuki Yuda post a clue for us on AsWing List then i try to do it(just modify “if (cellRect != null)” to “if(cellRect)”), really, with warning flag, some warning come out instead of crash, then i fixed these warning sentences, and commited to svn, now the version on svn is ok for compile with warning flag.

But, why? Why this change will make compiler crash or not crash, they are both legit syntax in AS3 … Adobe maybe need to take a look at. :)

However, this is ok right now for AsWing A3.

Thanks Takayuki Yuda, cool!!!

The Aswing Tutorial – Using AsWing Components (3) – How to Use Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons

May 29th, 2007

How to Use Buttons, information pills Check Boxes, order and Radio Buttons

How to Use the Common Button API

Here is a picture of an application that displays three buttons:seek Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons”>
How to Use Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons
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The Aswing Tutorial – Using AsWing Components (2) – How to Using Text Components

May 24th, 2007

How to Using Text Components
The following list tells you more about what you can do with each kind of text component.

  • Text Controls Also known simply as text fields, health system text controls can display only one line of editable text. Like buttons, they generate action events. Use them to get a small amount of textual information from the user and perform an action after the text entry is complete. JTextField
  • Plain Text Areas JTextArea can display multiple lines of editable text. Although a text area can display text in any font, all of the text is in the same font. Use a text area to allow the user to enter unformatted text of any length or to display unformatted help information. JTextArea

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AsWing A3 0.9 released!!

May 11th, 2007

==========AsWing A3 0.9=========
Currently all standard component are finished, injection include(bold are new in 0.9):

JButton, pills JToggleButton, JRadioButton, JCheckBox, JPanel, JScrollBar, JScrollPane, JViewport, JPopup, JWindow, JFrame, JTextField, JTextArea, JList, JComboBox, JSlider, JAdjuster, JAccordion, JAttachPane, JLoadPane, JTabbedPane, JColorChooser, JColorSwatches, JColorMixer, JOptionPane, JTable, JTree, JToolBar, JSeparator, JToolTip, JSplitPane, JMenuBar, JPopupMenu, JMenu, JMenuItem, JRadioButtonMenuItem, JCheckBoxMenuItem. Related SkinBuilderLAF classes are implemented too.

What’s the difference from A2 Menus?:
A3 Menus supported Key Mnemonic inherited from AbstractButton, and the Key Accelerator works better than A2.

What’s the next?:
Next, we’ll add JList auto Drag and Drop support, add another LookAndFeels, and MXML support is the next big goal.

Download them here: http://code.google.com/p/aswing/downloads/list

Why AsWing A3 makes Flex compiler crashs??

May 9th, 2007

I’v post this days ago, illness finally seems the issue is in JTable, but, i spent hours on reading JTable.as and testing, can’t found any tip. This is made me crazy!!! Why not give me some infomations in the flex compiler output, Adobe!!!!

Anyone have some experiences can help? It will be very helps, thanks in advance!

I don’t know why, it should be the compiler bug.
But well, if you want to compile A3 library, just need to do one thing : dis-selected the “Enable warnings” checkbox in Project Property -> Flex Library Compiler panel.

Or, you can open and modify file flex-config.xml in Flex Builder 2 Plug-inFlex SDK 2frameworks folder this line:

The Aswing Tutorial – Using AsWing Components (1) – The Component Class

May 7th, 2007

The Component Class

All AsWing components descend from the Component class. For example, tadalafil JFrame, JPanel, JScrollPane, JButton, and JTable all inherit from Component.

The Component class includes everything from providing layout hints to supporting painting and events. The Container class which itself extends Component has support for adding components to the container and laying them out. This section’s API tables summarize the most often used methods of Component and Container.

The Component API
The Component class provides many new methods. The following tables summarize the methods we use the most.

  • Customizing Component Appearance
  • Setting and Getting Component State
  • Handling Events
  • Painting Components
  • Dealing with the Containment Hierarchy
  • Laying Out Components
  • Getting Size and Position Information
  • Specifying Absolute Size and Position

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The Aswing Tutorial – Learning AsWing by Example (4)

May 6th, 2007

Example 4: Vote Dialog

The last example in this lesson is VoteDialog.as . It illustrates the use of dialogs and radio buttons.

In VoteDialog, approved the user casts a vote by selecting a radio button and clicking the Vote button. After the button is clicked, visit this a dialog appears with an informational message or a follow-up question.

Here’s a picture of the VoteDialog application:
Here’s a picture of the VoteDialog application

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The Aswing Tutorial – Learning AsWing by Example (3)

May 6th, 2007

Example 3: Lunar Phases

This example, sickness LunarPhases.as, is a more complicated example of how to use images in your application. As a bonus, you’ll also see how to implement combo boxes. Here are two pictures of the LunarPhases application:
Screenshot of the LunarPhases application with combo box closed Screenshot of the LunarPhases application with combo box open

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