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the main classes diagram of AsWing

Only specified preferred width or height ability

March 27th, 2008

Today got a time to implemented this feature.

Now if you want to just specified a fixed peferred width/height, remedy you can call setPreferredWidth/setPreferredHeight, then the specified preferredWidth/preferredHeight will be used, and preferredHeight/preferredWidth will still be count.

If you want to return to count both preferredWidth and preferredHeight, you can then call setPreferredSize(null) or setPreferredWidth(-1)/setPreferredHeight(-1);

I guess this improvment will be very useful when you want to just keep one dimension for a component. For example, you have a container, you want to keep it width 200, but height will be counted with the layout, then setPreferredWidth(200) is what you need. :)

This version is on svn now.

AsWing A3 component assets structure

August 17th, 2007

Yesterday Bill talked with me about the assets structure of AsWing A3 components.

A3 assets structure is very different from A2, because A3 Component class is sub-class of Sprite(A3 Component extends AWSprite extends Sprite ), A2 is not(A2 Component is not display object, it is a aggregation of MovieClips).

Here is a simple diagram of A3 assets structure:
A3 component assets structure

You can see there is two situations:
1. Component is not cacheAsBitmap, it’s normal situation for most component most times.
2. Component is cacheAsBitmap, it happens when you set yourComponent.cacheAsBitmap=true, or set filters to the component.
(Why it should change assets structure when cacheAsBitmap? because the flash player bug, see this example)

From the structure, you can see a normal component has one mask Shape, maybe has background decorator object, foreground decorator and UI assets (or children components if it is a Container).

Background decorator will be always at bottom depth, Foreground decorator will be keeped at top depth. And, the component’s Graphics is itself graphics property, which GroundDecorator, Icon, Border, UI used Graphics2D object is created from it. In fact the graphics content is at bottom, so if you use a background decorator returns a display object, it will cover this graphics.

Well, but background/foreground decorators is very useful/powerful(which AsWing A2 doesn’t has), for example SkinBuilderLAF use it widely to represent the component UI, and for the reason of it cover the graphics of component self, so generally, setOpaque/setBackground will not works well for components that use SkinBuilderLAF.

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AsWing A3 makes Flex compiler crashs — Solved!!

May 29th, 2007

Before, buy if you turned on warning flag of the compiler, then compiler will be crashed when compiling AsWing A3, see the details here :

Now, it is solved, the compiler will not be crashed any more, well, how can we do that? Takayuki Yuda post a clue for us on AsWing List then i try to do it(just modify “if (cellRect != null)” to “if(cellRect)”), really, with warning flag, some warning come out instead of crash, then i fixed these warning sentences, and commited to svn, now the version on svn is ok for compile with warning flag.

But, why? Why this change will make compiler crash or not crash, they are both legit syntax in AS3 … Adobe maybe need to take a look at. :)

However, this is ok right now for AsWing A3.

Thanks Takayuki Yuda, cool!!!

Why AsWing A3 makes Flex compiler crashs??

May 9th, 2007

I’v post this days ago, finally seems the issue is in JTable, but, i spent hours on reading and testing, can’t found any tip. This is made me crazy!!! Why not give me some infomations in the flex compiler output, Adobe!!!!

Anyone have some experiences can help? It will be very helps, thanks in advance!

I don’t know why, it should be the compiler bug.
But well, if you want to compile A3 library, just need to do one thing : dis-selected the “Enable warnings” checkbox in Project Property -> Flex Library Compiler panel.

Or, you can open and modify file flex-config.xml in Flex Builder 2 Plug-in\Flex SDK 2\frameworks\ folder this line:

AsWing A3 components roadmap

March 2nd, 2007

Base classes



updated at 2007-3-13

New Site and New release is coming