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AsWing is an Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework and library that allows programmers to make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily. Its usage is similar to Java Swing. It provides a set of GUI components, which we intent to implement in pure object oriented ActionScript 2. A pluggable look and feel will be implemented too. It also provides many Util classes. AsWing is BSD licensed.

AsWing A3 is the next/another life with ActionScript 3, components set is almost same to ActionScript 2 time, but capabilities are much more powerful.

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Haxe 3.0& HaxeAswing Sources

August 5th, 2013

update  Haxe 3.0& Openfl  builds for mobile and desktop
ok now~~



Aswing CSS style skinnable plugins

December 20th, 2012


Get Adobe Flash player

come later

New HaxeAswing 2.51

April 22nd, 2012

after haxe 2.09 and nme 3.31 released

HaxeAswing 2.51 provide some update to fix lineStyle ,the skin better experience.


C & Opengl Development Plan for haXeAsWing 2.6

April 1st, 2012

Last week, after the efforts of the entire team for six months, haXeAsWing towards 2.5 of this large version!

A haXeAsWing flash / c & Opengl through nme back-end can be compiled into the mobile / pc platform, you can publish to the android the iPhone linux, mac or windows.

aswing svn address

Followed is to start planning the 2.6 development. The version in about October 2012 release, lists the new features planned.

These features will appear in haXeAsWing 2.6, have a clear method, uncertainty factors smaller.

orge3d version aswing gui

Further enhance aswing and HaxeNme / OpenGL ES 2 compatibility

May occur
Characteristics that may occur either relatively large uncertainty, whether there will be haXeAsWing 2.6 depending on the time.

Html5 version aswing (development)
C Sharp version aswing (depending on the haxe nme 3.5 / haxe3.0 C Sharp support)

Does not appear
These things do not appear in haXeAsWing 2.6, so do not mention.

A variety of visual editor
Well documented

Welcome friends who are interested to offer suggestions.

ps environment configuration

Development environment

ide environment

c / opengl compiler windows VS2005 / linux gcc / mac gcc

New MMO using AsWing – Star Corsairs

October 21st, 2011

Machine 22 will release a new MMO named Star Corsairs in near future which UI based on AsWing.
It is awesome since the game is made by one-man team.

Here is a quote from the author:

I thought you might be to interested to know that I’m using AsWing in my new MMO Star Corsairs ( which I will officially release next week. It saved me a lot of time. Building an MMO is already quite some work so being able to use a library such as AsWing was really helpful.

Keep up the great work!

Dave Toulouse

We are glad to see more games using AsWing, it always encourage us and make us decide to targeting games at next AsWing version.



hxcppAswing Demo for ubuntu linux

June 30th, 2011







haxe Demo use hxcpp  /nme /opengl
You can get the hxcppAsWing  Demo svn

haxeAsWing for c++ new features

June 20th, 2011

I would like you explain this haxeAsWing for c++

new platform version to allow you to without having to learn multiple programming models in the case using a tool, a framework and a haXe code base and with less time to create mobile/pc applications.

haxeAsWing for c++ new features to support mobile/pc platform android iPhone linux mac or windows.

Please be patient, we are committed to haxeAsWing version will be updated.

… stay tuned.

Again one of Top10 webgame in China powered by AsWing

June 13th, 2011

The webgame “Little little Ninja”(小小忍者) make a big success in china.

The same developer has developed “Ministry of War”(帝国文明), that is a top10 webgame in china too, congrats!

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